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52. How to get Unstuck and Thrive in your 50’s – with Anne McKeown

52. How to get Unstuck and Thrive in your 50’s – with Anne McKeown

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Join Jodie in this week’s episode where she interviews author and mindset coach Anne McKeown, who specialises in empowering women and helping them find success and happiness.

This conversation is so insightful and relatable especially for women approaching the big 5-0 milestone, so don’t miss this episode, where you’ll find out all about:

– how Anne’s NLP studies have shaped the way she coaches women to increase their confidence and live the life they’ve always wanted;

– how to shift your perspective to focus on your strengths and where your passions lie, to increase your confidence and acknowledge your uniqueness;

– what Anne’s turning point in life was, and what she did to pivot, find her meaning and purpose, and move her life forward in the direction that she really wanted to go;

how fear, doubt and hesitation almost stopped her from using her knowledge and talents to help other women;

– the NLP techniques she shared with her empowerment group, to help them thrive both personally and professionally, and also helped her to rediscover her own strengths;

– why feeling like a negative role model for her daughters led to the realisation that she needed to start walking her talk;

– the value of having a community to support and encourage you, particularly if you suddenly find yourself living the life of an isolated empty-nester;

– how fear of the unknown and uncertainty later in life, coupled with a change in hormones, is the perfect storm for a tumultuous period in life, and what it looks like on the other side of menopause;

– how the pressures and expectations of society, and a decline in respect for older women, have contributed to the fears and doubts experienced by so many women after 50;

Anne’s ‘THINK’ methodology, to help you press the pause button on your brain, separate your thoughts from your feelings, and shift your mindset to avoid negative thoughts and behaviours;

– how to use your body to change your mind;

– an incredible tip for how to reset your mind’s clock at 50, and rediscover the joys, wonders and exploration of a child’s mind.

This is such a great topic for so many women who are feeling a little stuck in life, and who are looking for ways to boost their confidence and find meaning and purpose in their lives, no matter what their age or stage in life.

Connect with Anne –  2MPower.co


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