Two VITAL Keys to Happiness

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So, we’re going to start with some big questions today – Are you happy?  More importantly – do you know the keys to happiness?

There is a story about a man searching for his lost key under the street light outside his home.  When a stranger inquired if she could help him look for the lost key, he was most grateful.  After 30 minutes of fruitless searching, the stranger asked the man where he had dropped his key?

‘Oh’ the man said, ‘I dropped it inside the house.’
‘Why are you looking outside under the street lamp if you dropped the key inside the house?’ she replied.
‘I have no light inside the house so I came out here to look where there is light.’

Now, as absurd as this sounds, this is exactly what we do every time we look outside ourselves for happiness.  We start the ‘if only’s’ like;

  • If only I met someone, then I’d be happy;
  • If only I had more money, then I’d be happy;
  • If only I had a different job, a nicer boss, could work from home – then I’d be happy;
  • If only I had a bigger house, a holiday, a more loving partner, time to myself, if I didn’t have to work so hard, look after the kids all the time…..and the list goes on.

Happiness comes from within, so within is the only area we need to work on.  Start today by focusing on these two vital keys to happiness.

Two VITAL Keys to Happiness!

1. STOP ALL Criticism

Yep, that’s it.  Just stop it.  All of it.  It hasn’t done you any good until now and it won’t do you any good in the future so why do you continue with it?  Berating yourself doesn’t work, it never has worked and it never will work – ever!  If you had someone in your life criticising you constantly you’d be depressed, withdrawn and have low self-esteem so it’s the same when we do it to ourselves.  The negative, critical words affect your confidence immensely.

Make a deal with yourself that you will try no criticism for 1 week.  Don’t criticise yourself, your kids, your family, people around you and not even the idiots you see on TV.  Just stop – all of it.  Yes, this could be a huge challenge at first – especially if you have let that negative voice in your head run the show for a while – but really try to keep her quiet or turn her attention over to something good.

Ok, so are you going to do it for 1 week?  Is it a deal?  I promise you will feel amazing!!!

Happiness does not depend upon getting other people’s approval – it depends upon getting your own approval.

1. Do what makes you happy - daily!

daisyPut together a list of everything (big or small) that makes you happy.  Now, for the next month, focus on bringing as many of these things into your life as you can – daily!  It only has to be something small but even small things can make a big difference.  For example, fresh flowers on my desk make me happy so I buy a new bunch every week.  Sometimes I just buy one beautiful flower as that is enough.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive  exercise as mostly it is the simple, little things in our daily lives that make the most impact.

Here are a few ideas to get your list started

  • walking on the beach;
  • a good comedy movie;
  • sorting old photographs;
  • taking a bath;
  • going for a walk;
  • watching a sunset;
  • a great playlist of happy songs in the car;
  • a champagne after work from your best crystal glass;
  • tickling your kids and seeing them in fits of laughter;
  • reading the paper with the first cup of tea in the morning;
  • a trip to a great stationary store (I love stationary!!)
  • buying yourself your favourite piece of cake (mine is the Lemon Tart from David Jones Food Hall!!  So yum!);
  • Playing in the craft box;
  • browsing on Pinterest – it’s my happy place!  Why not follow us here?
  • (if you’re like Anastasia) design yourself a new shoe cupboard!  I can see the happiness on her face!  Shoes are definitely her vital key to happiness!
  • or even ensuring you have a really great book to read.

The list is endless but it has to be your list and you have to make an effort to ensure the things on the list are incorporated into your life.  We’re all busy – life just is now – and you know as well as I do that unless the simple pleasures are scheduled, they will never be achieved.

Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t just turn up, it’s an attitude that you have to create and maintain.  Happy people have this attitude and work hard to maintain it by keeping check on their outlook.  So, go home tonight, put the kids to bed, run a bath and get the crystal champagne glass down from the top cupboard.  Create a little bit of happiness in your life because really, it is all up to you!

BE YOU!  We like her BEST!


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