Why You Should Invest In Yourself + 20 Ideas How!

A few days ago I went for lunch with a friend and felt a little guilty.  As a busy mum solely responsible for school drop off and pick up, my 5.5 hours between these two important deadlines in the day are extremely precious so I felt a little guilty using that time to indulge in lunch!

This lunch however, was with a friend who is a powerhouse in business and the most motivating person I know.  When I have lunch with this amazing woman I walk away more inspired and focused on creating my dreams than ever before.  I realised that I came away from that chicken salad armed with much more than just a friendly chat and a full belly.  I collected a huge burst of inspiration, positivity and motivation, that is often extremely hard to find.

‘…I came away from that chicken salad armed with much more than just a friendly chat…’

So yesterday, I realised that this lunch was an investment in myself and I swiftly booked in our next meeting in a month’s time!  This is about investing in me and keeping my motivation where it needs to be to achieve what I want.

So what do you do to invest in yourself on a regular basis?  Personal growth must be a priority if we want to achieve a better quality of life, more success (whatever that means to you) and an increase in your happiness, productivity and well-being.  Investing in yourself plays a significant role in determining the quality of your life now, and for the future, and is probably the best investment you’ll ever make.

‘I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.’

20 Ideas to Invest in Yourself!

1.  Like me, organise a regular lunch with a positive, motivated friend.

2.  Develop some new, positive friendships.

3.  Discover what truly makes you happy and ensure that is built into your life regularly.

4.  Get a plan for anything that is stressing you,  ie.  if you are in financial debt, make a plan to move through it.

5.  Read books for ideas and inspiration.

6.  Get a mentor – someone who will challenge you and who you can learn from.

7.  Enroll in a course to learn something new.  This could be live or online and about any subject you like.  Learn about writing short stories, arranging flowers, how to Photoshop your holiday snaps, a language or Thai cooking.

8.  Focus on getting another half an hour of sleep a night.  It’s worth it!

9.  Change a habit, or get a new one, that will lead you towards the success you want.

‘People do not decide their future…they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.’ 

10.  The world is full of diversity.  Seek out opportunities to join a group and meet some new people.  Getting out there and trying some new social circles can really expand your views and experiences.

11.  Master your skill in a creative passion.

12.  Set yourself a new goal to work towards that you find inspiring.

13.  Take a yoga class, join the gym or enroll in a dance class – anything that moves your body and that you will enjoy.

14.  Eat healthy foods.  Sure they usually cost a little bit more but you’ll feel much better for it.

15.  Learn a new skill that will allow you to change your career or take your career to the next level.

16.  Surround yourself with the positive to ensure you have a positive mindset.  Check out your music, what you read, what you say and how you are around others.  A positive mindset makes you more productive, more efficient and happier – Nice!

17.  PUSH the boundaries of your comfort zone.  Get out there and say yes to something that scares you, something really new that will move you beyond what you have done before.  Continually pushing the limits of our comfort zone allows us to grow.

18.  Use your time wisely!  Move away from the TV or Ipad and invest that time in something more worthwhile to your future.

19.  Do something completely ‘not you’!  Go to an art gallery, a completely different sporting venue, travel to a country you know little about or see a concert from an artist completely away from your standard music taste.  It challenges us, forces us to see different sides of life and expands our view.

20.  Ensure there is ‘Happy Me Time’ in every day.  Even if it is just having a coffee by yourself in the local café or a 10 minute sit in the sun with a magazine.  It’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

The future of YOU depends on how YOU invest in YOURSELF now so ensure that this type of investment is a priority.

BE YOU!  We like her BEST!


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