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Are fear and self-doubt holding you back from speaking up at work?
Do you wish you had the courage to back yourself professionally and realise your worth?
Are you ready to skyrocket your career and go for that promotion?

Then you’re EXACTLY where you need to be!

Confidence for Women in the Workplace Online Course


Truth about Confidence

Manage Fear

Control Negative Thinking

Care Less What Others Think

4 Techniques to Advance in the Workplace

Understand the difference between Confidence and Competence, manage negative influences and boost your self-esteem at work.

Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Find out more about Imposter Syndrome, managing comparison and failure, and learn how to feel good enough.

How to Stop Comparison, Overthinking and Perfectionism

Put a stop to this confidence-destroying trio and develop more effective leadership techniques.

Confidently Speak Up in Meetings

Learn how to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and create powerful habits to speak up at work.

Confidence to Present to an Audience

Increase your confidence, manage your fear of public speaking and master the art of effectively and courageously presenting to an audience.

Network as a Confident Woman

Develop this key skill with techniques to help you to talk to strangers, have more meaningful conversations and expand your network.

Project Confident Body Language

Present your most powerful and confident self-image in the workplace with these easy to implement techniques.

Confident Woman Role Models

Learn how to choose the best confident women role models for your career and how to model confidence yourself.


Learning to be confident is an ongoing process so, as long as you’re with RiSe Women, we’ve always got your back!
You’ll have access to the workplace confidence training for life!

You deserve to be a CONFIDENT Woman in the Workplace!

This online workplace confidence training course has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to boost your self esteem at work and take your career to the next level.

Learn more about the Course

Confidence and self belief are crucial skills
to excel in the corporate world!

We're Jodie & Anastasia

We’re so glad you’re here because, helping women increase their confidence and develop their strengths is what we love to do. 

We know that confidence is a skill that can be learnt, practised and mastered, especially if you want to get ahead in the workplace.  Every woman can learn this skill which is why we created this online workplace confidence training course.

This course will help you control your inner critic, manage your negative thoughts and eliminate your workplace insecurities once and for all!

By the end of this course, we guarantee that you will feel brave enough to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, significantly advance your career and believe in yourself like you never have before.

Through RiSe Women and the work that we do, we are committed to helping as many women as possible increase their confidence and make lasting changes because we know that… with confidence, anything is possible!

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Confidence Course Reviews!

Check out the amazing feedback we’ve received for our Ultimate Confidence Course & Workplace Confidence Course.

Rise Women_5


This course is broken into manageable bit size chunks that are impactful and most importantly effective. I often refer to the tools when I am aware I am moving into the “not confident” zone. They are a reality check and valuable in bringing me back. The content all makes sense and information I have read about BUT for me the way the information was presented in this course resonated with me far more than what I have read in books. Perhaps it was the task s that needed to be completed, the approachability and down to earth style of Jodie, me ready to do my part to be a confident woman or a combination of all. I often find myself reflecting during a day when I am confronted with a situation that is feeling like I won’t be confident and apply the relevant technique in the module. I am excited to view the resources so I can have a folder of “go to tips.” Thanks Jodie for sharing yourself and presenting the content in such away that is relatable and achievable. Looking forward to the work confidence course. Really grateful.



"I really wanted to take the next step in my career BUT I knew my confidence was stopping me. The Workplace course had everything I needed to push through and apply for that promotion. I really loved the videos on fear! Changing my persepctive on that one topic changed everything! Highly recommend.'

julie course participant


'The Ultimate Confidence Course for Women has become my best course decision. Its no-nonsense and entertaining videos are professional quality followed by actions to take that really make the learning part of life and have taken me on a journey that I will continue. I have got more clarity and confidence in my life than I ever thought possible and had so many ah ha moments that will stay with me. One of the biggest ah ha moments for me was realising confidence goes up and down all the time , we don’t just put in the work and become confident, like physical fitness it needs to be maintained.'

Amelia confidence coaching client


'Inspiring, practical and challenging in the best possible way!! Fabulous course and a wonderful group of women to continue on the journey of creating a more confident life. Thank you Jodie and Anastasia!!'



'I'm really pumped. I've now finished the first 3 modules and it's so engaging and professional. I've learnt so much and it is already having a big impact on my life. I wish all training videos were this vibrant and well put together."


"I honestly would not have had the courage to leave my job in a leap of faith and try to improve my life were it not for this course. The modules on fear and self-doubt forced me to face what was holding me back. Feeling great about what I've achieved!"


"I found this course beyond worth the $$$ investment. I enjoyed the format and the way it was presented, I enjoyed being able to print off worksheets. Jodie was generous in her sharing of knowledge and experience. She really listened and had a great understanding and empathy during our first coaching session."


"This confidence course showed me how to manage fear and self-doubt AND, most importantly, it taught me that I matter, and that the world really DOES need to hear what I have to say. I find that I speak up for myself now and that’s changed my life in SO many ways. So excited about what’s to come!"


"I never really thought about how a change in my confidence levels would actually change my life. I always thought that life was just like that and there were other things in the way. But all I really needed to do was increase my confidence. And I’m SO glad I did!"


"Increasing my confidence has made a HUGE impact to my business. I wanted to increase my confidence in networking but it has flowed over to more confidence in my pricing and my communication with clients."


"This is exactly what I needed to go back to work... I needed to increase my confidence because I felt like I wasn’t quite ready to get back into the workforce after being a stay-at-home mum for 6 years, but this course changed EVERYTHING. I learnt how to overcome my fears and stop the negative self-talk and doubt."


This online training course is perfect for you if…

Being a


will sky-rocket your career!


$ 497
Australian Dollars
  • Instant and lifetime access to the course, 12 foundational course videos, 8 workplace specific audio lessons, all audio files on our app so you can listen on the go plus personal support.

Your Questions Answered?

– You KNOW that your confidence is in the way of you having the career you’ve always wanted, and you’re ready to make a change TODAY!

– You realise that even the slightest changes in your confidence at work, will give you incredible results and will have an amazingly positive ripple-effect into every area of your life.

– You love absorbing knowledge, theory and information, but you also enjoy the interactive side of learning AND… you want to do it at your own pace.

– You are committed to your own personal development and success, and you know that it’ll take strength, determination and persistence but you also know, it’s totally worth it!

– You KNOW that more confidence will change your mindset, your career and your life, and you’re ready to take that first step NOW!

You think you may need the type of professional help and support that we’re not really qualified to give you (eg. counselling, psychological support or medical treatment for things like anxiety, depression, physical ailments, mental health issues, etc)

All our prices are quoted in Australian dollars.  You can follow this link to the Google Currency Converter so you can get an estimate of the price in your currency.  Payments for our workplace confidence training course are processed through Stripe.

No, it doesn’t matter!  We work with clients in many countries and we love that we speak with women all over the world!  The access to the workplace confidence training course is exactly the same.

For the bonus confidence coaching, Jodie makes times available to suit many different time zones, so you’ll always be able to connect.

You can access the workplace confidence training course and everything inside it for as long and as often as you like because you have access FOR LIFE.

Increasing your confidence IS a lifestyle change, so we want you to have the support and resources to be able to roll with the punches whenever life throws you a curve-ball.

Yes you can! We have made sure that the course platform is responsive, so you can access it and watch the videos on a desktop, a tablet or on your phone.

The audio files will be available through the course platform plus we upload them into an audio app which will give you even easier access while you are on the go.

Listening to the audio lessons is easy plus you can also access the audio files for all the course videos also.

We have loaded all the audio files into a free app called Soundwise which you can download to your phone or tablet.  This will make listening to (or re-listening to) any of the lessons super easy.  Listen in the car, while walking the dog or anytime you are on the go.

Just as a healthy diet is used to supplement an exercise regime to get the best results, so too does your confidence journey need more than just information.

But don’t worry, there’s no homework, assignments or tests in this course… just really fun and practical confidence techniques, that sometimes come with actions, to help you practise what you’ve learnt and become the confident woman you’ve always wanted to be.

We recommend working through the actions as you go through the videos, to make sure you get the best possible learning experience.

The videos in our workplace confidence training course range in length from around 5 minutes to our longest which is just over 18 minutes long.  We purposely split the content into logical sections so we could create bite-sized videos that you could easily find time to watch.  

Both of our courses are AMAZING and you will get a big confidence boost no matter which one you enrol in.

This course has been created specifically with working women in mind.

You’ll get a bit of the same core information in both courses around our key topics and the main areas that affect confidence BUT Confidence for Women in the Workplace has been designed to help women intentionally and purposefully work on their confidence in the workplace.

This course will give you everything you need to know, to boost your self-esteem at work, network like a boss, apply for (and GET) that next promotion, and so much more.

The Ultimate Confidence Course is just that – the Ultimate!  It is a more comprehensive course with more practical techniques and more personalised support.  It also includes all the workplace audio lessons so it is VERY comprehensive.  You can learn more about the Ultimate Confidence Course for Women HERE.

Unfortunately, we don’t – partly because we think this course is SO reasonably priced for everything you’ll be getting, and partly because, once you’ve purchased it, we want you to have instant access, rather than having to wait until your payment schedule is complete.

BUT, if  you REALLY want to do this course ASAP and the only way you can do it is if you have a payment plan, then get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.


No problem at all!  We get it.  Not every course is right for everyone.  If you decide that this workplace confidence training course isn’t right for you, then we’d be happy to refund your money, based on a few conditions, as listed below:

1. A refund can only be requested within the first 7 days AFTER your purchase of the course. We think this gives you enough time to try it out and see if it’s a good fit or not.

2. All refunds will be made to the same account or credit card that the course was paid from, and for the same amount that was paid for the course (less any already used bonuses).  For international transactions, the refund will be made in Australian dollars so amounts may vary due to differences in currency conversion rates at the time. 

Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

We’d love to answer any other questions you might have about our workplace confidence training course, so feel free to head over to our contact page and you can get in touch with us there.

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and be the
you want to be!

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