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Thank yo so much for your interest in our upcoming
Confidence for Women in the Workplace Course.

Below you will find the promotional video for the course and the first course lesson so you can get a first hand experience of the course content and our presentation style.  We have then listed all topics covered in the course and an outline of what participants will learn.

We are SO thrilled to be launching this course and we thank you again for your interest.


x Jodie & Anastasia


Truth about Confidence

Manage Fear

Control Negative Thinking

Care Less What Others Think

4 Techniques to Advance in the Workplace

Understand the difference between Confidence and Competence, manage external negative influences and make lasting change.

Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Learn more about what Imposter Syndrome really is, and how to manage comparison, failure and the power of your thoughts and words.

How to Stop Comparison, Overthinking and Perfectionism

Put a stop to this confidence-destroying trio once and for all and the impact they can have on your career or business.

Confidently Speak Up in Meetings

Create a deeper understanding around habits and hesitation and discover the real reasons why people choose not to speak up at work.

Confidence to Present to an Audience

Increase your confidence, manage your fear of public speaking and master the art of effectively and courageously presenting to an audience.

Network as a Confident Woman

Develop this key skill with techniques to help you to talk to strangers, have more meaningful conversations and expand your network.

Project Confident Body Language

Present the most powerful, self-expressed and confident version of yourself in the workplace with these easy to implement techniques.

Confident Woman Role Models

Discover the importance of confident women role models, how to choose the best ones and how to model confidence yourself.

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