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68. Your Voice is Crucial to Saving the World – with Belinda Clemmensen

68. Your Voice is Crucial to Saving the World – with Belinda Clemmensen

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Join Jodie as she interviews Belinda Clemmensen, where they discuss the power that women’s voices have in the world.

Belinda’s focus is Leadership and Organisational Development for women, she is the author of the incredible book ‘Women, Leadership and Saving the World’ and the founder of the Women’s Leadership Intensive. She also co-created Paddle to a Cure, which is a women-led series of sea kayaking expeditions for women living with breast cancer.

She is an inspiring thought-leader and a champion for all women and in today’s conversation, Belinda and Jodie discuss:

– why the ‘workplace’ wasn’t created for the type of lives that women want to live;

how women can find their purpose and ensure that it is aligned with their values;

– why women’s situations won’t change unless the environments we operate in change first;

– the shocking truth that women were encouraged to keep quiet and not use their voices, so as not to rock the boat and to stay ‘safe’;

– the cost of the elusive pursuit of maintaining a work/life balance in a world that doesn’t support this for women;

why we MUST be better allies for all women if we want to effect lasting change and create a world that values everyone’s contributions;

how to be brave and bold in embracing adventure, and saying YES when it matters most.

This conversation is so valuable for all women (AND men) for the insights it offers into how women can use their voices on a daily basis and in every situation, to increase their confidence and change the world for the better.

And remember to share with everyone you know, because when one woman wins, we ALL win. 😉

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