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Before we embark on a full coaching program, it’s important that we meet so I can explain my coaching process, you can ensure that it matches what you are looking for and we both feel we are a good fit.

If you are interested Confidence Coaching then please schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.

HOW Confidence Coaching will help you?

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Reach your goals faster with fun and helpful regular sessions, to keep you focused and on track. We'll work hard to keep you motivated whenever you start to slip.

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No messing around - be prepared to be challenged, stretched and inspired. You're not here to waste time, you’re here to get sh!t done – so let’s make it happen together!

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Be ready for new thoughts, fresh concepts and unique perspectives. See confidence in a new light and change your mindset around the techniques you need to create it.

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Knowledge is no longer power - Action is Power! Once you’ve got all your new confidence techniques, a coach will help you get into action faster than you could on your own.

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Knowing (and believing) that you can do anything is the first step to making positive and lasting changes in your life. A Confidence Coach will help you do just that.

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There will always be bumps along the road to success (that's a given), but a Confidence Coach will support you through them all until you achieve your goals.

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

Before we embark on a full coaching program, it’s important that we meet so I can explain my coaching process, you can ensure that it matches what you are looking for and we both feel we are a good fit.

If you are interested in Confidence Coaching  then please schedule a free 30 minute discovery call.

Why is Jodie the best Confidence Coach for me?

In a  nutshell, because I LOVE IT! 
I am absolutely passionate about the development of people and I love seeing what is achieved when I work one-on-one with women who are committed to making a positive change.

Since 2001, I have been coaching women just like you to increase their confidence and they have confirmed what I’ve always known – that confidence is the foundation from which all achievement,  success and happiness is built upon.   

I will help you get clear on what you want and will support you with the best proven confidence tips, tricks and techniques!

I’ll make sure you take action  and I’ll be there to guide you when you feel that you are off track.

I work with women all over the globe and I would love the opportunity to work with you too!


Certified Habit Change Practititioner

Advanced Habit Change Practitioner
Habit Change Institute


Certified Coach
NeuroLeadership Institute

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What Jodie's Clients Say

Fiorella confidence coaching client

Fiorella Cotrina - Miami, USA

Working with Jodie was a transformative experience. When I came to Jodie, I had switched careers in my forties and was having a difficult time adjusting to new work culture. I felt I lacked experience in a lot of areas and wasn’t sure if this move had been the right one. During our coaching, Jodie helped me clarify what my goals were and really see what I brought to the table. By the time we were done, I felt in charge of my life again and gained the confidence to really tackle demands of my job with confidence, something that was recognized by my work. Best of all, Jodie is such an awesome woman to talk to! She brings humor and warmth to a coaching relationship that really helped me feel at ease. I loved the whole process and I highly recommend Jodie as a coach and mentor. She really, genuinely will have your back!

Amelia confidence coaching client

Amelia - Sydney, Australia

'I worked with Jodie for 8 sessions over about 4 months to refine my career goals. Jodie helped me rediscover my passion for science and plan small achievable steps to incorporate science work into my busy week… around caring for my three kids, cooking dinner every single night (we have lots of food sensitivities) and making sure I still had that important time with family and friends. Jodie’s sessions gave my accountability, a boost of inspiration and a holistic plan for keeping my energy high while making these changes. One year on, I am working hours that suit me as a contractor for a large organisation and have continued to make improvements in my health and wellbeing, thanks to Jodie’s wise and practical support.'


Frances Tong - New York, USA

'Jodie is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend her! I hired her when I was contemplating a career change and looking for a new job. Jodie is very action oriented and brings great positive energy to each of our sessions. In the end, she helped me achieve my goal and I was able to find a new job. I would definitely hire her again! .'

Natalia confidence coaching client

Natalia - No Nasties Kids Makeup - QLD, Australia

'Jodie is an organiser, motivator, coach, cheerleader and wealth of knowledge wrapped up in a gorgeous, tall woman wearing red shoes! I was ready to go into a business (or several) and really branch out on my own but had no idea which one of my interests I should follow. Jodie was pivotal in assisting me to gain clarity around that and then map out the steps with me, as they evolved, each week, until my business launch. Jodie is hands on, full of techniques to assist with the weekly struggles of launching a business and perfectly capable of pulling you into line (in a nice way) when needed. There were times where I thought, this is all just too hard and could have walked away but after a meeting with Jodie, I was back on track, guns blazing, feeling organised and energised. I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough! My business has taken off and I am moving into new and exciting business ventures. I can’t wait for my next catch up!'

Rise Women Testimonial Image

Bec -Los Angeles, USA

'One of the areas I wanted to focus on with Jodie is an ongoing struggle with decision making and confidence. Jodie was so relatable, and she really listened to understand me. She had some great practical advice on how I can look to change my mindset - for the positive, but not in "bumper sticker talk". I felt she was really listening to me, and was able to really help me shift my mindset out of a rut I had built for myself. After our coacing, I really had a clear way forward and a plan that made me feel proud and capable. Jodie was incredible and this has been a life changing experience. If you are looking for someone who is real, refreshingly honest, and practical, give Jodie a call. You never know what you will get out of it - but it will absolutely be positive.'

Janelle Mindset reset coaching client

Janelle Keys - Janelle Keys Photography

'Thank you so much Jodie for helping me readjust my mindset and giving me some clarity. I've been running my business by myself for so long, it's easy to let circumstances around me start to influence my thoughts and decision making. But just one hour on the phone with you really helped to give me clarity. Having an outside perspective than can cut through the emotion and just address the facts was just what I needed to get me back on track. And even though the issue I needed help with didn't work out the way I intended, your consultation along with your book, gave me the tools to learn from that experience, have resilience and keep going. I even share your confidence techniques with my teenage kids! So thanks again - it's so great to have someone to call on when I need advice or a pep talk!!'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Michelle


'Fourteen weeks ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and approached Jodie to assist me with what I thought was a lack of confidence. Each day since, my ability to talk to people and become (or actually realise that I already am) a confident business woman has been enlightening and satisfying. I thank Jodie for helping me discover all the power and strength I had on the inside.'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Margaret


‘Change is hard, but not as suffocating as stagnation. Jodie was my mirror when I truly needed one. She was my strength when my own was lost. She gave me hope when I lost my way. My life today is richer than it has ever been. It took me a while to invest in myself, but working with Jodie to achieve my goals was more valuable than I ever imagined possible.’

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

If you are interested in Confidence Coaching  then please schedule a free 30 minute discovery call so we can talk more about your situation and I can answer any questions you might have.

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