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Giving Back to Women in need.

Our goal at RiSe Women is to empower ALL women by giving them the support they need to be their happiest and most confident self… But sometimes we know this can be hard to do on your own.

Everyone wants all the confidence they can get their hands on because… With Confidence, Anything is Possible. Sometimes though, life doesn’t always give us what we want, so we need to make a conscious choice to go out and get it for ourselves!

Which is why RiSe Women is dedicated to helping  women who really want to help themselves. 

Women who know that, with the right tools and techniques, they are capable of just about anything.
Women who are determined to make positive choices and life-changing decisions to help them push past any obstacles and be the most powerful, confident and self-expressed version of themselves.

We work with a variety of charities who run programs for women who are just that!

We are proud to have worked with the following organisations:

Rise Women Client Logo - Raise Foundation
Rise Women Client Logo - Salvation Army

How We've Helped to Date

Dollars Raised
$ 0
'Protection' Bracelets Donated
Program Vouchers Donated
Free Workshop seats

We’ve run two fantastic events – Shoes, Shopping and Champas – where we raised money to support domestic violence survivors, through our Buy & Donate program. For every protection bracelet purchased, one was donated to a strong and inspiring woman, to remind her that she is not alone, and that we acknowledge and celebrate her courage and resilience.

We’ve also run a number of pro-bono Confidence Workshops for a range of different women, teaching them fun and practical techniques to boost their confidence and live a happier, healthier and more self-expressed life.

You can view the photos from both these events here.

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