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Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Keynote Speaker, Author and founder of RiSe Women

Jodie’s greatest joy in life is speaking to audiences about techniques to  increase their confidence!  Her speaking style is bold, honest and entertaining with lots of humour and real-life examples that ‘real’ women can connect to.

She challenges audiences to re-think their ideas about confidence and teaches them proven and practical confidence building techniques that they can implement immediately.  Most importantly, she smashes the myths that confidence is something ‘lucky’ people have and explains how confidence – the world’s most sought-after personality trait – is available to everyone.

Jodie is a dynamic speaker who never fails to deliver.  A combination of years of experience, coupled with her straight talking, ‘No BS’ style, Jodie is energetic and playful on stage which keeps her audiences engaged. Her humour, wit and inspiring stories make her instantly relevant and relatable to her audiences.

Although her message is generally directed towards women, Jodie tailors presentations to mixed audiences and delivers information that both men and women can benefit from (see more info in our FAQ section below)!

Jodie’s passion is always obvious and her message is as clear and sharp as the stiletto heel on her favourite pair of shoes – that YOU CAN create the confidence levels you want!

Jodie Bruce-Clarke Keynote Speaking
"Jodie absolutely nailed it!"
"A really relatable message and something you could work on from the minute you walked out."
"Jodie captivated the room and was amazing!"
"Jodie is an extraordinarily engaging and enjoyable speaker."
"The tools were simple and achievable. She is a true inspiration."
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Women We Speak To

Jodie’s core speaking topic is ‘Confidence Techniques for Women’ and all presentations are created with your audience in mind. 
These are some of the groups we love working with!

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Emerging Leaders

A thought-provoking presentation that focuses on confidence techniques for women moving in to leadership roles. Looking at new research around the difference between men and women when it comes to confidence, and connecting it to the leadership experience, this presentation also addresses why confidence really is more important than competence when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder.

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Women in Corporate

As either a keynote, or a half or full-day workshop, this presentation addresses the specific challenges faced by women in the corporate world. Being a woman in corporate requires its own unique set of skills and takes a whole new level of confidence - this presentation provides all the most effective confidence techniques for women to combat the pressures and demands of a corporate environment.

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Women in Business

Running your own business can be stressful on a good day. This presentation can help with the pressures that will inevitably start to chip away at your confidence as a business woman. Packed with confidence techniques to help you deal with all the new skills required to not only start, but succeed at your new business, this presentation is designed to help women create the confidence they need to take their business to the next level.

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Women in Direct Sales

Being in sales is a different ballgame, especially when it comes to confidence. Most women who take on a direct-sales business model do so because it is best suited to their current lifestyle. But it also means that they now have to develop skills that they may have never used before. This presentation is designed to educate direct-sales consultants on new confidence building techniques to increase their business and drive them to success.

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Biz Mums

Possibly the hardest type of woman to be – a woman who has to survive the day-to-day struggle of running a business whilst managing the many demands of raising tiny humans, all within the confines of her own home. Feeling isolated and overwhelmed is standard for biz-mums and it can take its toll on their confidence. This presentation has been created to equip them with all the best confidence techniques to run the home and the business... like a boss!

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Really, ALL Women

We can tailor a fun and engaging presentation to suit ANY women who want more confidence in their life. Confidence really is a basic life skill that every woman should have, but it’s not something that we’re ever taught at school. This presentation addresses the truth about confidence, tackles the myths surrounding it and provides practical techniques to build it – all whilst focused on the needs of your specific audience.

Want Jodie at your next Event?

If you’re interested in booking Jodie for your next event, get in touch with her directly  or download her speakers kit below for more detailed information and testimonials.

Groups we've worked with:

What Jodie's CLIENTS say

Jodie gave a fantastic presentation which left everyone in the room feeling confident and motivated!  She provided great analogies and anecdotes, and incorporated humour into her presentation perfectly.  We had wonderful feedback from all who attended, with particularly positive responses to her practical ideas and methods…

Lauren Hetherington

JLL - Women in Property Committee

Rise Women Client Logo - JLL

WOW! That word is the only way to describe Jodie Bruce-Clarke’s Confidence Workshop! It was truly the best workshop I have ever been to… The points she taught us on confidence were so practical and easy to apply, and she used some really bold and very relevant examples to drive the point home. I feel like she shook the toxic thinking out of us all within only a short amount of time…

Jodie is very likeable, dynamic, knowledgeable, hilarious, and encouraging. In the 2 weeks since the workshop, every attendee has spoken about how much it has impacted them, and about all the things they are doing now because they are using the skills from Jodie’s workshop now.

Kerin Jarvis

Business In Heels Penrith - Branch Director


I asked Jodie to speak about CONFIDENCE to a tribe of savvy bizmums and boy, did she deliver.

She certainly brings her A-Game and adds massive value to any gig she takes on… Jodie absolutely nailed it!… Once she started her talk, the room was buzzing, her content was fab and so clearly presented.  She kept the tribe of hustling bizmums inspired and engaged.  She interacts with her audience, rather than just talking at them.

Tracy Harris

Owner - Mums with Hustle -

Rise Women Client Logo - Mums with Hustle

It was a lively, informative, entertaining and interactive presentation, based on things that affect confidence levels and also strategies to combat them.  Jodie was fantastic!  Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject made it an extremely effective presentation that all attendees really enjoyed and are still talking about!  Her presentation was infectious and relevant.  We all got lots out of it and, as a result, the attendees can’t wait to have her back!’

Deborah Bacon

Toyota Women's Forum

Rise Women Client Logo - Toyota

We have had the pleasure of having Jodie present at the Linking Ladies events on several occasions.  Her energy, passion and witty attitude towards life and business is refreshing.  Jodie is exceptional at showing women they can achieve their dreams and with the right attitude and mindset, anything is possible. Her kind heart and willingness to share valuable content has helped many women in our network grown in the last 12 months and we can’t wait to have her back soon! Rise Women are confident women leading by example and showing us it can be done!

Alex Hawkins Peachey

Linking Ladies Co-Founder

Rise Women Client Logo - Linking Ladies

Audience Feedback!

Jodie Bruce-Clarke Keynote Speaking Interviewing Jules Sebastian
Jodie Bruce-Clarke Keynote Speaking
Jodie Bruce-Clarke Keynote Speaking

Let's answer your questions!

Yes!  We have a number of pre-designed half day or full day workshops suitable for many group types.  For our corporate clients, these are especially effective for Emerging Leaders Programs where we know that confidence is a main requirement for the participants taking the next step in their careers.

Our confidence workshops are also very successful with Women In Business groups and women returning to the workforce.

Our workshops are customised to suit your organisation’s goals and requirements, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Yes, our main focus is confidence for women but Jodie has spoken to many mixed groups and tailors the content to suit the audience.  Many of the techniques apply to both Men and Women so are suitable to be delivered to mixed audiences.  Jodie tailors her stories and anecdotes to suit. 

We deliver a really valuable section on current research about how Men and Women are different when it comes to confidence and how they manage promotions, risk and set-backs differently.  We also find that many Men in our corporate audiences interact with female direct reports and colleagues, and find this information very valuable. 

To the moon and back if your budget allows (wink!).

Jodie is based in Sydney, Australia and travels both Nationally and Internationally.  All travel costs and details will be provided at the time of your quotation.

We’d love to hear from you and quote for your presentation.  You can contact Jodie through the contact form on this website or, if you download the Speakers Kit (below), you will find Jodie’s direct email address and mobile phone number at the end of the document.

Let Jodie inspire your audience!

We’d LOVE to talk to you about your event!  Download our speakers kit below for more detailed information, topic suggestions, testimonials and contact information.

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