Rise Women Testimonial Image Lorna


'Uplifting! Amazing! Downright Fabulous! I love this book! Unlike so many other self-help books that just tell you what to do, this one SHOWS you how to do it.'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Amelia


'Jodie’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book...There are lots of great, achievable suggestions for improving confidence...'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Raquel


'I loved reading Pumped! Whilst reading it I was thinking of all the women I could share it with - my daughter, my mum, my bestie. It covers all ages...'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Rhiannon


'I've recommended it to heaps of my girlfriends...been by far one of the best self-development books I've read in a while.'

  • Practical, proven real-life strategies. Read this book and you’ll learn practical, proven real-life strategies to build your confidence in anything you do in life!
  • Pumped is relatable, real, empowering and at times downright laugh out loud funny. Jodie writes with a big open heart and a fierce commitment to helping women stand taller in the world.
  • I loved how Jodie’s message was delivered in an authentic and humorous style, makes it an interesting read. This book should be read by all women, whether you think you are confident or not!
  • With the step-by-step HOW TO [boost confidence] section it walks you through exactly what to do daily to get your confidence up.
  • I’m already very confident in who I am yet I still learned so much and had many ah-ha moments. This is a great read and an even better “how to” resource. Highly recommended.
  • Jodie’s stories, especially about challenging fear, have stayed with me since I finished her book and are bringing a fresh perspective to how I view daily life and particularly to how I communicate with my daughter.
  • Can’t wait to pass the book on to my small business friends, my sisters and eventually my daughter and her friends.
  • I like that I can pick it up and browse at any section and find something of worth to note. You have it written in an easy to read format which is great as I even struggle to get through magazines these days.
  • Thank you for writing your book! I got SO much out of it and learnt ideas and techniques I had never heard before. I feel I walk taller already!
  • WOW - you are one inspiring lady! I loved your book and it will be one that I go back to and read from time to time to give me that confidence push all over again.
  • Your section on getting comfortable with fear was a game-changer for me. Yes, I was the one 'waiting' for the fear to go away before I did anything. Now I KNOW that it's not going away so I've just been jumping in and facing it. Thank you so much for a wonderful book.
  • Jodie, your book really resonated with me and I loved that the techniques were so practical.
"Jodie absolutely nailed it!"
"A really relatable message and something you could work on from the minute you walked out."
"Jodie captivated the room and was amazing!"
"Jodie is an extraordinarily engaging and enjoyable speaker."
"The tools were simple and achievable. She is a true inspiration."


Rise Women Testimonial Image Natalia

Natalia - No Nasties Kids Makeup

'Jodie is an organiser, motivator, coach, cheerleader and wealth of knowledge wrapped up in a gorgeous, tall woman wearing red shoes! I was ready to go into a business (or several) and really branch out on my own but had no idea which one of my interests I should follow. Jodie was pivotal in assisting me to gain clarity around that and then map out the steps with me, as they evolved, each week, until my business launch. Jodie is hands on, full of techniques to assist with the weekly struggles of launching a business and perfectly capable of pulling you into line (in a nice way) when needed. There were times where I thought, this is all just too hard and could have walked away but after a meeting with Jodie, I was back on track, guns blazing, feeling organised and energised. I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough! My business has taken off and I am moving into new and exciting business ventures. I can’t wait for my next catch up!'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Amelia


'I worked with Jodie for 8 sessions over about 4 months to refine my career goals. Jodie helped me rediscover my passion for science and plan small achievable steps to incorporate science work into my busy week… around caring for my three kids, cooking dinner every single night (we have lots of food sensitivities) and making sure I still had that important time with family and friends. Jodie’s sessions gave my accountability, a boost of inspiration and a holistic plan for keeping my energy high while making these changes. One year on, I am working hours that suit me as a contractor for a large organisation and have continued to make improvements in my health and wellbeing, thanks to Jodie’s wise and practical support.'

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'One of the areas I wanted to focus on with Jodie is an ongoing struggle with decision making and confidence. Jodie was so relatable, and she really listened to understand me. She had some great practical advice on how I can look to change my mindset - for the positive, but not in "bumper sticker talk". I felt she was really listening to me, and was able to really help me shift my mindset out of a rut I had built for myself. I was aware of this - but had no idea how to deal with it. So after our conversation, I really had a clear way ahead that I had created for myself that made me feel proud and capable to better myself. Really grateful for your time Jodie, and the way in which you have sincerely helped me. If you are looking for someone who is real, refreshingly honest, and practical, give Jodie a call. You never know what you will get out of it - but it will absolutely be positive.'

JanelleKeys 2

Janelle Keys - Janelle Keys Photography

'Thank you so much Jodie for helping me readjust my mindset and giving me some clarity. I've been running my business by myself for so long, it's easy to let circumstances around me start to influence my thoughts and decision making. But just one hour on the phone with you really helped to give me clarity. Having an outside perspective than can cut through the emotion and just address the facts was just what I needed to get me back on track. And even though the issue I needed help with didn't work out the way I intended, your consultation along with your book, gave me the tools to learn from that experience, have resilience and keep going. I even share your confidence techniques with my teenage kids! So thanks again - it's so great to have someone to call on when I need advice or a pep talk!!'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Alana


'When I met Jodie I was an emotional wreck after the separation from my husband. Jodie helped me bring some direction back in my life. Over the 12 weeks we worked towards 3 major goals I wanted to achieve, breaking these down from what seemed impossible to smaller achievable pieces, enabling me to reach the final goals. Jodie was my tower of strength.'


Susana Heiskanen - CEO Tuutu.com.au

'I had my Mindset Reset Session with Jodie and it was very helpful to get myself re-organised and focused on what I needed to do to get my job done. She gave valuable feedback and as an objective person was able to look at the bigger picture and give insight on what was happening.'


Amelia Parkinson - The Wise Hippo

'The mindset session with Jodie really helped me to look at the language that I use in my head everyday and how it is really unhelpful to achieve where I want to go. After our session I have started to use different language and some of the awesome little tricks she showed me, and am feeling much better about the track I am on and am much more focused.'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Margaret


‘Change is hard, but not as suffocating as stagnation. Jodie was my mirror when I truly needed one. She was my strength when my own was lost. She gave me hope when I lost my way. My life today is richer than it has ever been. It took me a while to invest in myself, but working with Jodie to achieve my goals was more valuable than I ever imagined possible.’

Rise Women Testimonial Image Melinda


'Over a couple of months I went from being unable to even think how to make some career decisions, to being so energised I wouldn’t say die. Working with Jodie got me from undecided but wanting change, to 'Get out of my way, I am ready to go.'

Rise Women Testimonial Image Michelle


'Fourteen weeks ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and approached Jodie to assist me with what I thought was a lack of confidence. Each day since, my ability to talk to people and become (or actually realise that I already am) a confident business woman has been enlightening and satisfying. I thank Jodie for helping me discover all the power and strength I had on the inside.'

from our speaking clients

Rise Women Client Logo - JLL

We had the pleasure of inviting Jodie to host her “Crash Course in Confidence” seminar to 100 staff members. Jodie gave a fantastic presentation which left everyone in the room feeling confident and motivated! She provided great analogies and anecdotes, and incorporated humour into her presentation perfectly.

We have had wonderful feedback from all who attended, with particularly positive responses to her
practical ideas and methods to improve our confidence, as well as understanding the differences
between men and women in their approach to career development.

Jodie reminded everyone that confidence is an achievable goal and delivered this message in a funny, engaging way.

Lauren Hetherington – Valuer / Women in Property Committee


WOW! That word is the only way to describe Jodie Bruce-Clarke’s Confidence Workshop!

It was truly the best workshop I have ever been to. There were 14 of us at her workshop in September, and every single one of us was riveted for the entire 1.5 hours. She used humour in such a way that I found myself belly laughing more than I have in years, that in itself was so healing and uplifting.

The points she taught us on confidence were so practical and easy to apply, and she used some really bold and very relevant examples to drive the point home. I feel like she shook the toxic thinking out of us all within only a short amount of time. The amount of interaction she encouraged was perfect, and everyone was able to ask questions as they wanted to.

Jodie is very likeable, dynamic, knowledgeable, hilarious, and encouraging. In the 2 weeks since the workshop, every attendee has spoken about how much it has impacted them, and about all the things they are doing now because they are using the skills from Jodie’s workshop now. And, I’m pretty sure everyone there bought her book because they wanted more of what she taught us that night.

I would recommend Jodie’s workshops to anyone, and I can hardly wait to have her back to our group next year!

Kerin Jarvis – Branch Director – Penrith Sydney

Rise Women Client Logo - Mums with Hustle

At Mums With Hustle we are passionate about casting the spotlight on industry experts, in order to best serve our online community of over 20,000 mumpreneurs.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Jodie Bruce Clarke on our podcast as a guest, and she blew me away with her knowledge and delivery on all things confidence! I knew that I had to have her be a guest speaker at one of our Mums With Hustle Meet and Eat events.

I asked Jodie to speak about CONFIDENCE to a tribe of savvy bizmums and boy, did she deliver. She certainly brings her A-Game and adds massive value to any gig she takes on. As a business owner, she made ME feel confident at every step in the lead up to our event. She took time to get to know our tribe online, prior to the event, so that she could serve them her best on the day.  Jodie absolutely nailed it!

She arrived early to set up a very fab looking and professional space for herself and once the guests arrived, Jodie was out there, mixing and mingling. Once she started her talk, the room was buzzing, her content was fab and so clearly presented. She kept the tribe of hustling bizmums inspired and engaged. She interacts with her audience, rather than just talking at them. Jodie is the real deal. Everything about her is authentic. She’s clearly living her passion and purpose!

Tracy Harris – Owner

Rise Women Client Logo - Toyota

It was a lively, informative, entertaining and interactive presentation, based on things that affect confidence levels and also strategies to combat them.

Jodie was fantastic.  Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject made it an extremely effective presentation that all attendees really enjoyed and are still talking about! Her presentation was infectious and relevant.

We all got lots out of it and, as a result, the attendees can’t wait to have her back!

Deborah Bacon – Toyota Women’s Forum

Rise Women Client Logo - Linking Ladies

We have had the pleasure of having Jodie present at the Linking Ladies events on several occasions in 2016 & 2017.  Her energy, passion and witty attitude towards life and business is refreshing.

Jodie is exceptional at showing women they can achieve their dreams and with the right attitude and mindset, anything is possible. Her kind heart and willingness to share valuable content has helped many women in our network grown in the last 12 months and we can’t wait to have her back soon!

Rise Women are confident women leading by example and showing us it can be done!

Alex Hawkins Peachey – Linking Ladies Co-Founder

Rise Women Client Logo - Fernwood

It was a great pleasure to have Rise Women in our club presenting and empowering the women in our club and community with confidence tips and techniques.  We have had great feedback from the event and are confident that this joint venture has had a positive impact on many women’s lives.

Jodie is a great public speaker and had the audience captivated from beginning to end.

Fernwood Beverly Hills

Rise Women Client Logo - Elli Lilly

I had a project with tight timelines, had to depend on others to achieve these deadlines and I thought it was impossible.  I contacted Jodie to present a workshop session at our 2 day project planning conference and it was amazing!

Jodie presented a very informative and entertaining workshop for the members of my team.  I got motivation, my team got the motivation and we got the project finished – early!

Shaunagh Napier – Elli Lilly

Rise Women Client Logo - Salvation Army

I work with homeless and disadvantaged young girls ranging from 16-24 years.  Jodie created confidence workshops to cater specifically for these girls and the response has been fantastic!

Not only do we see the girls return each week, which is often unusual for such a transient group, but each week the program invites more and more interest amongst new girls who have heard about the program.

Jodie is an inspiration and a fantastic role model for these girls.

Michelle Booker – Salvation Army

Rise Women Client Logo - Raise Foundation

Jodie came and spoke at our Bump Graduation.  Our Bump mentoring program is for young pregnant and parenting girls aged between 13 and 23.

Jodie came and gave an exceptional presentation about the skills that the girls are able to learn to be able to have confidence within their lives as mothers and successful members of society.

Jodie captivated the room and was amazing.  All the girls were able to get so much out of the presentation and we were thrilled to be able to have her.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jodie and RiSe Women.

Hannah Staas – Partnership Support Co-ordinator and Events

Rise Women Client Logo - Stars

Jodie’s ‘Confidence is the Best Deodorant’ was a dynamic and action-packed presentation which really caught the imagination of our conference delegates! Her humorous stories, animated delivery and truthful, practical message made her presentation interesting and very ‘watchable’, and our delegates would have loved to listen to her all day!

I found Jodie to be a very capable and dedicated presenter.

Our delegates left the conference inspired, in particular by Jodie’s presentation and originality, and they can’t wait to have her back in the Shoalhaven.”

Lyn Eckersley – Confidence Presentation @ Live & Work With Passion Conference
Shoalhaven Constructive Committee

Rise Women Client Logo - Stars

Jodie presented to our office staff on the subject of ‘Confidence is the Best Deodorant’.

Jodie’s presentation was concise, informative and interactive – without the use of Powerpoint. With the over-use of Powerpoint nowadays, it was refreshing to see a speaker enthusiastically engage the audience into the presentation.

Jodie was energetic and obviously passionate about the subject matter which made the session truly effective and credible.

Marie Sahagun – Jossco Australia

Rise Women Client Logo - Stars

I asked Jodie to present to my clients about being ‘confident’ in all that they do. Her presentation was excellent, she made it fun and entertaining as well as giving them tools to use not only in their careers but in their everyday lives to help them achieve their goals.

The tools were simple and achievable.

She is a true inspiration!!!!

Jo Brown – MasterMinding Wealth

from our Audience members

  • The presenter was dynamic and relatable. She presented points that I have never heard before, they were easily understood and very practical. Was very motivating, especially for women.
  • It was a timely reminder that confidence is an achievable goal and Jodie Bruce-Clarke was engaging and delivered the presentation well.
  • It was an enjoyable hour and the topic was relevant for our current climate and careers.
  • Thank you Jodie! You may not realise this, but you’ve added value to my life… You gave me a ‘ladle-full’ of confidence, to step out and do what I love to do and be the person I am today.
  • I enjoy your direct presentation style. You are passionate, honest, bold and authentic. You ‘walk your talk’. Content touched on the key aspects that affect confidence.
  • Humour was blended into the talk making it very engaging. Men and Women made to feel included in this event.
  • Well delivered, in a simple and easy to understand way. Also, very practical examples given with appropriate sense of humour.
  • Amazing confidence of speaker. Relevant / useful topic... Some useful thoughts and interesting facts.
  • Quality of the presentation was brilliant… so many little things to empower me as a successful, confident woman at home and in all areas of my life.
  • I would have to say it is the most uplifting and inspiring workshop I have been to. I can see myself coming to more – I’m eager to blossom.
  • A fantastic, inspirational & practical workshop for those who think they need a confidence boost & for those who think they don’t.
  • Jodie's anedotes and personal life scenarios helped to give us a good understanding of confidence and its significance to a number of life aspects.
  • Jodie was a great speaker. Engaging and speaking about confidence applied to everyone. I took away some good lessons that I can apply to personal and professional life.
  • Jodie was a great presenter, content was relevant and to the point.
  • Simple little tips on how we can boost our confidence and can be put into practice in our daily lives.
  • Engaging speaker with practical real life examples of how she has dealt with confidence issues in her career.
  • I loved the talk ... it was great and Jodie was very engaging and entertaining.
  • A really relatable message and something you can work on from the minute you walked out.

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