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37. Confidence, Kindness & Empowering our Youth… with Heather Miller

37. Confidence, Kindness & Empowering our Youth… with Heather Miller

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What an uplifting and fantastic 60 minutes we have in store for you! This is an hour of your life you’ll want to relive over and over again.

Join Jodie as she interviews the incredibly vibrant and inspiring Heather Miller – the founder of The Kindness Hub, a social engineer and speaker, 2016’s NSW Local Woman of the Year and SO much more.

Heather consults for leading universities, has trekked through the Himalayas and has a strong passion for youth development. Her life trajectory changed after meeting an incredible woman on a flight, and her journey started at just 15 years old, when she used her pocket money to create Kindness Postcards for her neighbourhood. And NOW… she’s impacted over 10,000 young people in 20 different countries, at only 26 years old!!

Join Jodie and Heather for their insightful conversation about:

– the impact of the tiny little ripples that each individual makes in the world and why she thinks of herself as a volcano (did you know confidence = lava? Find out why (@ 8:15);

– why choosing to dive into something she’s afraid of, ALWAYS makes her feel most confident;

– Heather’s 3 hot tips on how to communicate with confidence, to help you listen to understand, not respond (@14:51 – you don’t want to miss these);

– why you should intuitively listen to your body as much as your mind, when you need help making a decision;

– how the ‘monkey-see, monkey-do’ mentality applies to parenting teens and why we just need to trust them and give them the autonomy they are craving;

–  the # 1 MOST asked question by parents during a Q & A session at one of her youth programs (check this out @28:55);

– why negotiation is SO valuable when communicating with your teen (as opposed to straight disciplinary action) and how it helps to foster a deeper understanding;

– the power of following the RIGHT hashtags, and how to fill your feed AND your life with all the best feels;

–  the tear-jerking story @ 38:15, when Heather made a woman at a train station cry.

“No matter what happens to me in the world today, I’m going to show up with kindness and love and courage, and THAT is going to be my measure of success... NOT how someone else reacts or responds.”

Heather really is a kindness warrior, and you’ll feel it yourself as you listen to her speak about what’s important to her, what drives her to spread kindness far and wide, and her mission to make kindness a universal habit (starting with her 4-month Kindness Tour around Australia, funded by YOU).

This is one of those feel-good episodes jam-packed with SO many great tips, tricks and techniques and the kindness and positive energy oozing through this conversation is infectious.

Trust us, you DON’T want to miss this… or her funny shark story (and tombstone inscription) starting @46:14 😉

Connect with Heather:
    Website: The Kindness Hub
    Instagram: @thekindnesshub


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