My 6 Key Lessons from Firewalking!

Lessons from Firewalking

Last week I had the absolute privilege of being in the room with Tony Robbins as I attended his Unleash the Power Within (UPW) seminar. I completed the famous firewalk experience and the lessons from firewalking were worth every minute.

This was the second time I have attended this 4 day, 16 hour a day course and, once again, it was beyond amazing. Calling it a course or a seminar doesn’t even really do it justice. It’s an ‘experience’ – one that you can’t really describe to anyone and one that you would never forget.

Something you may already know about me is that I truly value Personal Development and growth – for myself, my business and my clients – so I am constantly learning from the best. And let me tell you, when you see this man in person, you understand that he IS the best!

Last year I attended UPW by myself but I never felt alone. I was in a room of 5000+ like-minded men and women who were there because they were hungry for something more in their life and it felt as though I was amongst 5000+ friends. You know I am always talking about choosing your peer group and who you spend time with and this 4 day seminar takes that to a whole new level.

I returned to UPW this year to share this life-changing experience with my husband, Dave, and we weren’t disappointed. We learnt SO much but to see each other face our fears and walk on the burning hot coals was such an incredible experience to share with someone you love.

So what is this Fire Walking thing about anyway?

I am not ashamed to say that the first time I enrolled to do a fire walk, I was terrified (and that’s the point)! The logic that over 2 million people have conquered the before me didn’t count on the morning I attended the course.

And isn’t that part of the learning?  When faced with fear (fear of failure, fear of changing career, fear of putting yourself out there, fear of speaking with someone new, etc) logic usually gets discounted.

You KNOW you can do it, you KNOW that it will be ok even if you fail, you KNOW there are plenty more people to meet if you get rejected…but somehow the knowing doesn’t make the difference.

My 6 Key Lessons from Firewalking

lessons from Firewalking Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Believe it or not, it’s actually NOT about the fire walking – that’s just the metaphor for our lives.

Life is full of challenges that are scary and seemingly impossible. Whether it’s personal challenges you choose or one’s you don’t choose, the key is what you DO at that moment that makes the difference.

I learnt SO incredibly much in this seminar but here are my key lessons from firewalking:

I can achieve SO much more than I realise…as long as I don’t let the fear stop me!

Controlling the voice in my head (that is screaming DO NOT WALK ON THE BLOODY HOT COALS!!!) is possible…and continuing to have control over the voice is necessary for an incredible life.

When you are clear on your goal, you need to give it 100% FOCUS.  Don’t look down, don’t look back, do not stand still (sizzle) and NEVER STOP.

It’s NEVER as hard as your brain tells you it’s going to be. Surprisingly, fire walking is quite easy.

It’s AMAZING what you can achieve when you are surrounded by incredibly supportive people who totally believe in you AND are walking through the fire themselves.

When you’re walking through the fires of hell…keep bloody walking!

If you think my lessons from firewalking are worth having then there is SO much more incredible lessons in the weekend overall. Ultimately, if you are looking for a challenge, you want more out of life, or you’re just not willing to settle for mediocre, then I highly recommend doing UPW.

Face the flames and change your life!


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