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67. How to confidently manage other people’s opinions so they don’t derail your life

67. How to confidently manage other people’s opinions so they don’t derail your life

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Join Jodie and Anastasia on this not-to-be-missed episode, where they discuss damaging and destructive opinions, and what you can do to stop them from derailing your life.

This conversation is a game-changer because the reality is, we are ALL surrounded by opinions… all day… every day. Our own, society’s, our friends’ and family’s – wherever you turn, there are opinions coming at you and sometimes, it’s hard to know what to do when everyone’s voice is buzzing in your ear.

In this episode, Jodie and Anastasia will help you:

– discover the truth about opinions and what they REALLY are;
– learn how to distinguish the good from the bad, and the totally unnecessary.
– understand how to implement 2 easy but effective techniques to stop opinions from influencing your decisions and taking over your life.

This is definitely a conversation that needs to be shared with every confident woman because it’s time we all learnt how to push those negative and disempowering opinions to the side, and just get on with being the fabulous, kick-@ss confident women we were born to be.


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