Confidence Techniques!


4 Essential Habits of Confident Biz Mums

Being a Confident Biz Mum has LOTS of challenges and, keeping our confidence levels where they need to be is just one of the many daily tasks.  Confident Biz Mums don’t just ‘wake up this way’! They’ve developed a set

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3 Common Myths About Confidence

 Below is an extract from Jodie’s book: ‘Pumped – Confidence Techniques that will have you Standing Taller in the World’. Purchase Now Of all the personality traits, I believe confidence is one of the most sought after. We perceive that

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Stand like wonder woman

5 Essential Daily Habits of Confident Women

Do you know what the daily habits of confident women are?  Did you even realise there were any?  Despite popular belief, most confident women don’t just wake up in this natural state everyday.  They have usually established a set of

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Lessons from Firewalking

My 6 Key Lessons from Firewalking!

Last week I had the absolute privilege of being in the room with Tony Robbins as I attended his Unleash the Power Within (UPW) seminar. I completed the famous firewalk experience and the lessons from firewalking were worth every minute. This was the second

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Rise Women Confidence Crush Limiting Beliefs

4 Steps To Crush Your Limiting Beliefs

Recently, we talked about how damaging listening to other people’s opinions can be.  Now we are going to challenge your own opinions that ultimately form your limiting beliefs. It is incredibly easy for all of us to form an opinion

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Are You Being STOPPED by the NaySayers?

Ok – so they’re everywhere, right? Naysayers, dream-stealers, the habitually negative, pessimistic people. There really is no shortage of them. They are easy to find and turn up right at the very moment your energy is low or your contending

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Happy woman drinking tea

Two VITAL Keys to Happiness

So, we’re going to start with some big questions today – Are you happy?  More importantly – do you know the keys to happiness? There is a story about a man searching for his lost key under the street light

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