4 Essential Habits of Confident Biz Mums


Being a Confident Biz Mum has LOTS of challenges and, keeping our confidence levels where they need to be is just one of the many daily tasks. 

Confident Biz Mums don’t just ‘wake up this way’! They’ve developed a set of habits to ensure that they’re operating at their most confident each and every day. And that’s exciting because, when we accept this, we then realise that these levels of confidence are available to us ALL!

Well, guess what?  WE know their secrets and we’d love to share them with you right now!

4 Essential Habits of Confident Biz Mums

1. Don't Believe Everything You Think

I believe that this is THE most important thing to remember if you want to be (and stay) a confident biz mum. The voice in your head can (and will) make or break your day. It must be strictly managed and this is a MUST HAVE habit of all confident women.

What you say to yourself on a daily basis will have a MASSIVE impact on your confidence. It’s also important to know that if that annoying little voice is left unchecked, it will naturally default to negative language. Yes, our primitive brain is constantly on the lookout for what may kill us so negative thoughts are natural – you just don’t have the believe them!

Most of the thousands of thoughts you have each day are based on your limiting beliefs, fears, past experiences and that habit most of us have of beating ourselves up. It’s NOT actually reality so it’s really important to remember NOT to believe everything you think.

Confident women strictly manage the self-talk as they know how vital it is to their success. There’s a popular belief that your mindset is responsible for 80% of your success and confident biz mums must learn howto harness this skill and use it to their advantage.

How To Hints:

My fail-safe technique is to always be armed with my affirmations or power mantras. I might have a particular one that I am focused on for that month but I’m always armed with a group of my favourite positive power statements that I can call on at any time. Incessant repetition of these power statements can override any negative self-talk that might be trying to take hold. Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose but oh so much to gain!

Affirmations wall

2. Surround Yourself with those that say 'YOU CAN'!

Confident Biz Mums know that their success depends on who they are surrounded by, so they get into the habit of having positive, like-minded people around them as often as possible. These are the people that tell you YOU CAN DO IT constantly because they are usually out there DOING IT too!

There is no shortage of people who live in fear, who want to tell you how bad the world is and how difficult it is to get ahead. It’s literally a constant stream of blah blah blah! But, you don’t have to buy into it. There are plenty of strong-minded, positive, amazing women doing lots of wonderfully inspiring things – you just have to make the effort to find them and connect with them.

How To Hints:

Strategically bring the Can Do’ers of the world into your day! You could organise a Mastermind Group with some local biz mums, have a regular coffee date with a super positive friend or even arrange a quick mid-morning call with an amazing woman where the sole purpose is to bedazzle each other’s vibe! Confidence will always follow after an inspiring and uplifting catch-up with a fabulous friend – you just have to make it happen!

Need a Can Do’er on your side? That’s exactly what our Mindset Reset 1 hour sessions are for – to get your head back in the game and keep you moving forward! See our Confidence Coaching page for more information.

3. Have a Good BS. Meter!

There is so much B.S around that it is absolutely vital that confident biz mums have a good BullS**t meter working constantly. Just like in point 1, where you learnt that you shouldn’t believe everything you think, you also shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet!

I’ve coached SO many business owners who have had their confidence ripped apart by false and inflated internet claims that they are comparing their success to.

Ever read some of these headings?

‘How I generated $60K from doing this one thing in my business.’
‘Learn how I made 6 figures by doing 1 webinar.’

What these headings SHOULD really say is:

‘How I generated $60K from doing this one thing in my business…after 10 years of trying and spending over $50K.’
‘Learn how I made 6 figures by doing 1 webinar…after doing 500 other webinars where I actually lost money.’

Seriously – this stuff is B.S!

They NEVER give you the full story or the full truth of the matter, and comparing yourself and your business to this type of rubbish is NOT helpful to you… EVER. Haven’t you noticed that these articles always try to sell you something to be able to get the same results? Confident biz mums don’t buy into this smoke and mirrors click-bait crap and they purposely unsubscribe.

How To Hints:

Clear out your inbox and stop following people who spin this rubbish. Unsubscribe from all the B.S. and focus your attention on people or businesses that tell you the FULL truth. Nobody is getting magical results without putting in the work so, if you’re going to be inspired by others, make sure they’re TRUTHFUL others!

4. Push Through the Hesitation

I know you’ve felt it.

That moment… right before you’re about to do something even slightly outside your comfort zone and bam!  There it is! That moment of hesitation.

The moment right before… you make a sales call to a potential customer.

The moment right before… you purchase a ticket to that networking event.<

The moment right before… you volunteer to speak in front of a group of people.

What flies up in our face is fear, concern, worry about failing, apprehension of whether you can do it and a whole bunch of other uneasy feelings sent to stop you in your tracks.

What is really important to know is that we ALL have that moment of hesitation!  We ALL have the fears, the doubts and the concerns.  Confident biz mums just feel it and push through it anyway.

That moment of hesitation is simply your primitive brain trying desperately to keep you safe and have you stay well and truly within your comfort zone.

When you let it stop you, you’re teaching your brain that the moment of hesitation means there is something threatening your progress, so it urges you to retreat.

You then unconsciously wire your brain to ALWAYS stop at those feelings and this creates a habit – and a bad one at that – which you now know that you need to focus on breaking. 

Confident biz mums know, and even expect, these feelings to arise, so they practise pushing through them consistently.  Being a successful biz mum means CONSTANTLY stepping outside your comfort zone, so creating this habit of courage is essential.

How To Hints:

Focus on re-training your brain to feel the moment of hesitation and push through it.  The moment of hesitation will always be there while you continue to grow and expand, so create a habit of seeing it as simply a feeling and then courageously push through it.

These 4 essential habits WILL change your life, your business and your confidence levels forever. It will take some time to get them right and some practise to master them – all worthwhile things do – but the outcome be incredible, I promise!

BE YOU!  We like her BEST!


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