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60. Evict Your Mean Girl and Love Your Body – with Lizzy Cangro

60. Evict Your Mean Girl and Love Your Body – with Lizzy Cangro

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This week’s conversation is about a topic that we haven’t really discussed on the podcast before – confident body image! In this episode, Jodie speaks with Lizzy Cangro – a nutrition and wellness coach, the author of ‘Reclaim the Rebel: 12 rebellious acts to achieve unconditional love for your body’ and an international health authority.

This topic touches us all because as women, our confidence is often connected with our body image and the external influences that can affect us.

Join Jodie and Lizzy as they discuss:

– the tools and techniques to manage the ‘mean girl’ in our heads;

– Lizzy’s nickname as a ‘self-love sister’, and how she helps women achieve unconditional body love;

– the inextricable connection between competency and confidence;

– the steps required to overcome the feeling of not being enough, and how to change your mindset around the cycle of chasing unachievable goals;

– why you need to rebelliously and relentlessly make changes in your life if you want to achieve unconditional love of yourself;

– why a collective rebellion by women is what’s required to end the negative body image ideals imposed on women by the media and society in general;

– the 5 love languages and how they can improve your relationships and transform your life;

– why your routine and wardrobe should always be aligned to your goal of showing unconditional love for yourself and your body;

– Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce and how she uses her outfits to project the personality and confidence she wants to portray;

– why mums should always role-model the confidence they want to teach their daughters, if they want to have an impact.

This is such a wonderful conversation for you, your mum, your daughter, your friend and for every woman in your life who has ever second-guessed herself and felt anything less than absolute self-love and positive body image.

Share this one with every woman you know – we’re sure they’ll love it!

Connect with Lizzy
Website – https://nutritionbylizzy.com/ 


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