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23. Helping Your Teenage Girl become the Confident Woman she’s meant to be! – with Marina Passalaris

23. Helping Your Teenage Girl become the Confident Woman she’s meant to be! – with Marina Passalaris

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Mums, this one’s for YOU!

Anastasia has been looking forward to this conversation ever since her daughter first attended a Beautiful Minds workshop a few years ago.

This week, Anastasia interviews Marina Passalaris – the founder of Beautiful Minds and an amazingly inspiring and insightful woman.

Marina starts with a jaw-dropping conversation that she had with her boss 17 years ago, when she was working as a model booker, which inspired her life-long passion and made her realise that she’d been working in an industry that did not support teenage girls or align with her core values.

Join us in this fantastic episode where Marina and Anastasia discuss:

– why the fear of judgment can be debilitating for teens, and how limiting social media exposure WILL make all the difference;

– how giving teens a sense of purpose and an external focus with volunteer initiatives, will boost their confidence and sense of self-belief;

– what a ‘success identity’ looks like for a teen and why they absolutely MUST believe how much they are loved and needed;

– the work she’s doing with both Stanford and Harvard Universities around the ‘dopamine fast’ and what this looks like in real life for teen girls;

– why TEACHING our girls how to be confident isn’t enough;

– why date nights with your daughters are CRUCIAL to building their confidence.

This episode is literally jam-packed with the most amazing advice for mums on how to support t their daughters to be confident and we KNOW you’ll love it as much as we do.

And we can’t wait to create part 2 to this conversation, from the inside of a teepee – listen to the end to find out why. 😉


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