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31. Confidence, Courage and Living an Authentic Life with Sheila V

31. Confidence, Courage and Living an Authentic Life with Sheila V

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In this new episode, Jodie speaks with Sheila V, an executive coach, a medium and a spiritual leader, who shares her incredibly inspiring story of transition and transformation.

Sheila’s birth was literally the fusion of 2 domains – the daughter of a doctor-dad and a psychic medium-mum – which meant she experienced the pull of two diametrically opposed worlds.

Join us this week to find out all about:

– how she used the power of great mentors to help her distinguish between the old voices in her head that were keeping her stuck, and the new ones that would propel her forward;

– how she transformed her limiting beliefs and self-sabotage to a beginners mindset and a need for curiosity when she changed careers;

– why she strategically had to surround herself with the right people to become the person she really wanted to be;

– her limiting beliefs around what success looks like and the constant social invalidation of being single, in a world that values the reassurance of marriage;

– why burn-out, self-sacrifice and perfectionism are some of the biggest issues for women in the corporate sphere, especially when society rewards us for them;

– how self-love = self-knowledge and why this will help you grow.

“Nothing is as powerful as confidence from within.”

This discussion will take you in so many different directions, and help you to discover amazing things about courage, inspiration and living your authentic life.

One of Sheila’s super-powers is to help others find THEIR super-power, and we know this conversation will help you to discover some of your own super-powers too.


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