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19. Creating the Confidence to pursue your Ultimate Dream Job – with Zoe Sabados

19. Creating the Confidence to pursue your Ultimate Dream Job – with Zoe Sabados

This week’s amazing interview is for any woman who’s ever had a dream or a goal that they’ve always wanted to achieve, but didn’t know how.

Join Anastasia this week as she interviews the ever-inspiring, always engaging and super-fun Zoe Sabados.

Zoe has spent her life gathering experiences, loving life and developing herself into a woman who knows what she wants… and does what it takes to get it!

She’s been an English teacher, a marketing director and a brand consultant. She’s travelled the world, worked on constructions sites, jumped out of planes and even spent some time living with Bedouins. And now… she’s created the amazing Marry Me Zoe, where she gets to be what she’s ALWAYS wanted… a marriage celebrant!

She’s confident, fun and a big risk taker, and this episode definitely won’t disappoint.

Join us to find out:

– how and why she made the decision to drastically change careers in her early 50’s AND during the first week of the Covid-19 lockdown no less!

– what her go-to confidence technique is when she needs to shut down that annoying negative voice in her head.

– what advice she’d give her 21 year old self based on her exciting life experiences.

– what she believes is the biggest confidence-destroyer for young girls today (she has 3 daughters at different stages of life so she’s seen it all!)

Zoe’s passionate, driven and so much fun and we’re thrilled to bring you this episode because it’s jam-packed with so many incredible nuggets of wisdom and extraordinary stories.

We hope you love this one as much as we do!


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