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09. How a New Perspective on Confidence Changed My Life

09. How a New Perspective on Confidence Changed My Life

Join us this week for our second podcast interview, when Jodie interviews the other half of RiSe Women – Anastasia Adams.

Learn all about what drives Anastasia, what confidence looks like for her and why she REALLY wanted to be a part of Rise Women from the moment she found out about it.

In this episode, Jodie and Anastasia discuss:

– when Anastasia feels most confident and what go-to confidence techniques she uses to maintain her high levels of positivity, motivation and general happiness;

– how learning about confidence and being a part of RiSe women has changed her life in SO many ways;

– the time in her life when her confidence hit rock-bottom and what she did to build herself back up again;

AND… find out what she thinks are the best and worst things about working with Jodie. 😜

In this inspiring interview, we’ll bring you authentic insights into what energises and motivates Anastasia and the techniques she calls on to manage her negative thoughts and keep her confidence levels where she wants them to be, to live her best life possible.

You’ll love her answers to the RiSe Women Final Power Questions and we know that, by the end of this interview, she’ll have you feeling happy, confident, positive and enthusiastic about all the possibilities that life has to offer.

In this podcast, you’ll find out more about Anastasia, RiSe Women and why we believe that with confidence… anything really IS possible!


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